About Us

CKB Interiors is an Australian based property staging and interior design company. We are an owner run business, which means you can be confident you will get the best possible service. Our understanding that every property is different is the key to our proven track record of selling properties effectively. Contemporary and classic designs by our experts immediately connect with the public and they are transformed to marvelously presented and compellingly finished properties.
Our young and vibrant team have great attention to detail and they understand the elements of design, from colour and textures to lighting and spatial awareness so we create an eye-catching styled property that’s been reborn with modern contemporary furniture, artwork and decorative elements.

Our services

After your initial consultation your stylist will work with the colour palette and current features of the property to create a design that will stand out from the rest. Our finished product demands attention and we will make your property visible in a volatile market. Your staged house will muster a larger audience, which in turn will create greater demand. More views equal more competitive offers!
In addition to newly built houses, we also specialize in pre loved homes that need a little TLC to bring them back to life. We don’t think its fair that the new homes get all the attention. We work closely with some of Perth’s best agents to ensure all properties get the same amount care and time no matter the condition or age.
We also offer presale consultations for homes needing a little more work. We can assist with minor renovations, painting and tips on how to get your property looking its best.